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Aerobiological Engineering is a website about healthy indoor environments, how to design them, how to remediate them, and how to build them. Information and links are provided here to assist engineers, biologists, scientists, researchers, and laypersons in making educated decisions about solving indoor aerobiological problems and controlling airborne diseases.


Call Aerobiological Engineering for quotes for the following services:
Review and Analysis of UV systems for air or surface disinfection. Any system using UV lamps or UV LEDs will be analyzed with computer modeling to determine the UV exposure dose and to predict performance against a wide array of pathogens or against client-selected pathogens (i.e. Hospital-acquired pathogens). Suggestions for improving performance will be included if possible. A full report will be provided along with charts, tables, and graphs, suitable for use in brochures. Systems for analysis may be stand-alone recirculation systems or engineered systems installed in buildings or ventilation systems. Full design support will be provided if required, including lamp sizing, lamp selection, reflective material placement, and energy consumption or economic (payback) analysis. A safety review will be included and test protocols will be provided if requested.

Investigation of aerobiological or surface contamination problems. Investigation of outbreaks or recurring infection or contamination problems in Hospitals, surgical suites, clinics, schools, dormitories, child care centers, animal facilities, agricultural facilities, industrial facilities or homes. Problems may include mold contamination or bacterial and virus infections. For mold or bacterial contamination, surface and/or air samples will be taken to identify the culprit pathogens or to determine the source of contamination. A complete inspection of the ventilation system and facilities may be necessary as well as a review of the system specifications. Compliance with existing codes and guidelines (i.e. ASHRAE, NIOSH, or OSHA) will be reviewed. Recommendations for remediating the problem will be provided in a full report. Confidentiality is always assured.

Genomic Anaysis. When a microbe is encountered for which no known UV D90 or UV rate constant exists, evaluation of the UV susceptibility of the microbe can be performed for any pathogen which has a sequenced genome (per NCBI or other source). Accuracy of the genomic method typically exceeds 90-95%. Analysis is performed using proprietary software and methods. Cost of a single analysis is $500, while multiple analyses are linearly scaled at a rate of $350 per 10 analyses. A report will be provided. (See the genomics page for more information).

Special Projects. Reviews of proprietary documents, testing results, editing of brochures or reports, preparation of papers for publication, technical support for litigation, and appearances in court depositions, etc.